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Design & launch an EdTech platform

As UWorld's first UX strategist, I designed an award-winning B2B platform from the ground up, including unique desktop and mobile experiences for education administrators, teachers, and students for multiple industries (K12, medical, nursing, pharmaceutical, accounting, legal).

Project Details

UWorld had successfully launched and expanded its B2C test prep app, but they needed a designer to help them rollout a B2B platform that would meet the large-scale learning needs of its K12, college, and corporate clients. The Head of Product Design and I worked closely with the executive committee and K12 content team to identify and prioritize user needs that we collected via interviews, focus groups, observations, and surveys. I was responsible for creating all wireframes and passing them through a rigorous executive committee review (picture a boardroom of ~12 leaders pouring over every screen, feature, drop-down, and icon). Then, I tested these features virtually and on-site with participants in the early adopter program, collecting user feedback and prioritizing enhancement for the MVP launch.

Services rendered
  • User interviews, focus groups, and surveys
  • User stories, personas, flows, and journey maps for education administrators, teachers, and students in multiple industries (e.g. K12, medical, nursing, pharmaceutical, accounting, legal)
  • Wireframes and mockups in Sketch/Invision for all features (e.g. dashboard, assignment creation tool, assignment reports, notifications, help/FAQ, multiple choice & free response grading tools, assignments library, question bank library, gradebook, reports, roster, rostering and licensing)
  • Detailed developer notes in Confluence (and attend dev meetings to answer questions)
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