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I helped SunRun identify company-wide L&D areas of focus and top-priority learning needs after their recent merger with Vivint Solar.

Project Details

SunRun is a solar company that recently acquired Vivint Solar. In addition to navigating this merger, the company is also navigating a labor shortage and higher-than-desired attrition rates. They engaged me and another colleague to conduct current and future state analysis with the ultimate goal of establishing a corporate university that could impact these factors (cohesion, attrition, labor shortage).

Services rendered
  • Intake sessions with business stakeholders
  • Current and desired state surveys, interviews, focus groups, and alignment meetings with employees at all levels and units in the organization
  • Learner personas (view samples below)
  • Analysis report that outlined project participants and activities and key themes from gathered data
  • Recommendations report that identified future areas of focus (e.g. organizational effectiveness, talent management alignment, technology, leadership development, learning, measurement and analytics) and top-priority learning needs (e.g. new onboarding program)
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