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Convert your in-person program to eLearning

I helped ProImpress move their award-winning program, Mastering the Message, online.

Project Details

As one of two designers on this project, I collaborated closely with the client to convert their award-winning program, Mastering the Message, to an online format. Without any written source material to pull from, we conducted many content interviews with the client. Content instability was a challenge, but we were able to complete our storyboards, scripts, and videos in time for program launch. This online program consists of a series of eLearning modules with text, video, multimedia interactions, and coaching exercises. It also includes a filtering system where users can quickly find learning objectives regardless of where they sit in the overall curriculum (for instance, if a learner just wanted to watch the videos).

Services rendered
  • Content analysis
  • High level design with modular learning paths
  • Detailed designs, storyboards and scripts
  • Testing and enhancements
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