Crystal Hunter

Improved learner performance.
Every time. On time.

Project Management

Let's get organized.

I've led small, mid, and large-scale learning projects for dozens of organizations. The trick is to staff the right people, set clear expectations, manage deadlines, and communicate clearly. Then, when curveballs come, adjust using the simplest solutions available.

Instructional Design

Make solutions that stick.

With nearly 20 years of experience, I know what it takes to not only craft a course - but also what's required to identify root causes of performance gaps, design performance enhancing tools and processes, create learning experiences that simplify complex skills, and ensure employees apply them to their work.

UX/UI Design

Experience matters.

The cognitive process of learning hasn't really changed, but the experience of consuming content is always evolving. Whether you're looking for a seamless learner journey, learner personas and spectrums, or a full set of wireframes for custom production, I can lead that effort. I'm not only a learning nerd; I'm a UX geek!


Work together?

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